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Truly refreshing. Unfortunately there is not much i can do to assist you in this matter. The good people behind Viber are the ones most qualified and capable of assisting you. Please open a ticket through support. I truly wish there was more i could do. If possible let us know of any fix or information that they provide as it may help other users that have or may have this issue.

Tsvetelin tihomirov 16 Nov , at Vlad Popa 12 Nov , at Hello, I have heard of this issue being fixed with a simple thing, moving the Viber app from your device's internal storage to an SD card. Please try this and let me know. If this does not resolve your issue then please follow this link support. I have updated viber to a sony xperia j two days ago.

Only text messages work OK. When I call others, they cannot "hear" my call, but later on they do have a report for not anwering it. If they answer the phone, I cannot hear them talking and they do not hear me. Hello, Firstly on the device that has the issue cannot hear calls and you cannot hear them talking please try moving the Viber app from the device's internal storage to an SD card and attempt to make calls again.

If this does not solve the issue please follow this link: Vlad Popa 09 Nov , at Hello, Firstly, please take this discussion to the appropriate app. This is a Skype related issue not Viber. Secondly, i do not understand the issue. Skype does not need to be manually connected to WiFi, Skype functions as long as there is an active internet connection running in the background, WiFi or otherwise.

Hello, Can you check the app version on the Samsung Mega and ensure that it is the same as on the S4? Make sure that they are both updated to the latest version. Let me know if you require more assistance regarding this issue. Hello, There is a simple solution for this. Simply access the Menu its icon should be 3 horizontal lines from there navigate to Settings, and from here to "Block List". Here you can add numbers to block. India 31 Oct , at Hi I'm not able to make video calls on viber from my red MI 1s mobile.

Video option is not working on call and also getting error my saying failed to initialize camera. Plus suggest me a solution. Vlad Popa 31 Oct , at Hello, This issue is a device issue. Are you able to use your camera properly with other apps? If so you can contact the developers and inform them of the issue. Tania 30 Oct , at I upgraded the viber of my Samsung galaxy tab Vlad Popa 28 Oct , at Please do not double post. Secondly, typing in all caps is considered rude.

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That being said, please try to provide a bit more information regarding this issue. Firstly what device are you using? Secondly what is the current behavior? Does the app launch but not function after upgrading? Does it crash? Hello, I don't clearly understand the issue. What do you mean by "is not coming voice"? Michael 27 Oct , at Your site offers downloads for Android up to 2.

Vlad Popa 27 Oct , at Hello, Can you please tell me what exactly happens when attempting to download the app? Afterwards i can try to assist you with specific instructions. I am using viber on htc rhyme.

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There is a problem with sound. The caller gets to hear his voice back which is irritating. I've re-installed it twice but no use. I've used viber on other phones. No such issue noted. Kindly guide. Vlad Popa 26 Oct , at Hello, If you have successfully used the app on other devices then it sounds like a compatibility issue with your HTC.

You can attempt to contact the developer through their website and report the problem, hopefully they can assist you further. In my asus zenfone5 Viber video calling option is not enabled always. Vlad Popa 21 Oct , at What exactly is the behavior you are encountering? What steps have you followed to download the app? Anil 03 Oct , at I have already reinstalled vibr. Solomon Terefe 20 Sep , at What device are you using? For most Android based devices simply click the "Free Version" link provided above and you will be redirected to the appropriate Google Play page.

Make sure you are logged in with the same Google account on your PC as your device is. Additionally you can search for the app in the Play Store app found on your Android device. Kopana Su'umani Ronnie 13 Sep , at I can not download vaiber. Can you offer us some more details please? What is the current behavior when attempting to install?

Viber for Samsung

Anne 25 Aug , at Lilliane 09 Aug , at I really need viber bt i cant download it. Ive tried over n over bt all in vain. Vicki 16 Jul , at I couldn't get the Code at all. HTC One. Works perfectly on my iPhone. Maybe I should stat with iphone. I can't play video on Viber.. My phone is Samsung Core Duos. I download the viber, but when I register my number, it Come an error, pls help me how to fix it.?

Hi i from marocco i want to use viber to My phone huawei G plz can you help me thanks. Hi i want to use viber to my phon samsung galaxy mega. But i can not dowoanlod it. Pls help me how can i fix it. Vicky 10 Jul , at Pls help me to download for me. I download the viber, but when I register my number, it error, pls help me how to fix it.

Saidur Rahman 08 Jul , at I all ready downloaded to viber but I can,t calling to my friend what's problems. Mjs 01 Jul , at I had viber before now I can't download it again.. Menna Afifi 15 Jun , at Baryalai Haqmal 22 Jun , at Just contact me Baryalai Haqmal Facebook Haqmal gmail. Troubled 29 Jun , at I obtained the same error, did you find a solution for this? Unp Doha 13 Jun , at Kindly tell me how to block a number in samsung fame viber? Jahbless Jah 12 May , at Hello, viber is not working on my sony xperia sp, the other party's hear me but I can't hear anything after saying Hello.

Any solution?? Ibro Nekovic 10 May , at Abdirisaaq 30 Apr , at Sukavaran Bscdom 29 Apr , at Ivica 28 Apr , at Please help, i have. A acatel idol, and my viber dont working at all, over and over restart and nothing, when i instal, before i got sms code, my fhone restarting..???? How to download viber old version 4.

Installed Viber on my galaxy III - I got an sms with an activation code but do not get asked for it on the phone. Don't I need to use the code to activate the app on the phone? Hi I have Motorola g ,but I can't i 23 Apr , at Thaer Haddadin 22 Apr , at Viber is not working with my new Samsung Galaxy S5.

I tried all kind of proposed solutions like uninstall and re-install but still not working. I think it has to do with compatibility issues since it works at my other phones iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S3. All other apps are working perfectly, so its only the Viber Is there anyone can advise and help? Lea mae 20 Apr , at I reinstall tye viber but again and again I dont receive any code.

Alexander Vorobyev 20 Apr , at In this case you should write Viber's customer support service. My phone is Alcatel One touch idol, Phone freezes when i write down my phone number allso sometimes.

Viber App for Samsung

Elmoxy 18 Apr , at Yo bro , i can't get registration code from viber. My phone is Alcatel One touch m'pop Phone freezes when i write down my phone number. Anyone knows how to fix it? Please , help. Alexander Vorobyev 19 Apr , at So you mean that although you receive the registration code, your phone just freezes when you are about to enter the code?

Have you tried reinstalling the app? The contacts in this app are added automatically according to your phone contact list. If you added a new phone number to your phone contacts, just refresh the contact list in the app. This will do it. Alexander Vorobyev 17 Apr , at What exactly doesn't work? Please provide us with more information about the problem.

If there's any error that you received upon the app launch, specify the error message you got. Hi, i cannot send pictures in viber. I have downloaded the app for many times just to restart but still cannot send pictures. I am using samsung note 3. Is there a particular setting that is needed to be changed?

Pls reply asap or to my email- mariekristinevalencia yahoo. Alexander Vorobyev 14 Apr , at We do not reply to users' private email addresses. U0rbwvmSw2A - check this out. I hope it helps. Let me know if you have any other questions or further troubles. Jay 13 Apr , at In order to download the app you need to click at the button saying 'Free' that is located above.

Please let us know if you would have any other problems. Marlon 13 Apr , at What particular Samsung Galaxy Camera models can Viber works? Planning to buy one. Viber should work with all up-to-date devices. However, we cannot provide you any recommendation about it since only the developers of the app know the full list of devices it's compatible with. Hopefully you'll make the right choice! HIlda C 12 Apr , at The app does not work from my samsung galaxy duo win…. Even if I answer the fiber call, it never actually connects me to the caller, and I have the most updated version of fiber Do you use a secure and stable Internet connection?

Is your phone firmware updated to the newest version? Masoom 11 Apr , at Not working viber lenovo tab a How it will work please help me.. Alexander Vorobyev 12 Apr , at Can you provide us with more information about your problem? Do you receive any error message? Alexander Vorobyev 11 Apr , at Dumbo 08 Apr , at Why can't I download viber on my Samsung galaxy tab 3 sm-T?

A Ravi 08 Apr , at It saying something like "This app is incompatible with all of your devices. Alexander Vorobyev 09 Apr , at Maybe there are some location limitations present? Do your friends have the same problem? I cant receive other call when viber is installed on my samsung tab 3 7.

Alexander Vorobyev 08 Apr , at Can you provide me with more information about your problem? Mohammed 07 Apr , at I cannot make calls to many contacts through viber and its says make a calk through viber out. That's right. Because if you want to call certain people directly through Viber, they must have it downloaded and installed too. However, Viber Out feature offers you to call from Viber to any mobile phone in the world at a reduced price.

Why cant i get to dwnload viber? Ask prompt "error" n prompt to upgrade latest version of viber?? Alexander Vorobyev 04 Apr , at Is Viber already install on your device? When and where exactly do you receive the error?

How to install viber on android phone

According to what you've written, you just need to reinstall the app. Sue 23 Mar , at I can't find my Viber registration number. Can't remember where I saw it briefly when I first downloaded. Thank you very much! Nimanka22' 14 Mar , at Sediqi 07 Mar , at Angela Antwi Tuffour 04 Mar , at Fazlullah 01 Mar , at Issey 17 Feb , at I need an answer..

Naniab 03 Apr , at Nin 13 Feb , at Ann 23 Mar , at Alexander Vorobyev 28 Mar , at If there's any error that you received upon the app installation or launch, specify the exact error message you got. Pls people help 10 Feb , at I have huawei G and every time randomly i make a phone call I can't hear the other person and he as well and when he call me the same happend this usually stay for 1 or 2 days and one more thing that this happened to Skype to when viber be like this, the tow apps become not working.

Hristina Petrova 18 Jan , at I cant receive access code for viber on my Huawei Ascend p I tried to download it again and it's the same.. Then i try to get the automatic call from Viber but there is no code again.. I can't douwnloud viber on my samsing galaxy s4. How can i doe it. Most of the Sri Lankan are using the application, to connect with world as well as the local calls, due its advantages.

Good see the improvement in future too.. Suleiman barimal 05 Nov , at HP Slate 03 Oct , at Eliora Ogwu 19 Sep , at Ria 15 Sep , at But, it works fine with normal call. So, is it viber's problem or phone's problem? Can anyone let me know? Y I can download viber for my samsung galaxy s2? Modil is I Haseeb 03 Oct , at Download from PC then copy the file into the phone then install it. Judith 13 Aug , at I have repeatedly retrieved the file on a recently rebooted phone, which happens well enough, but the I get "Error: Package file is invalid" which is worse than useless.

What on earth should one do now? How is it that Viber won't work on one of the supposedly best recent phones? Hello there! I have prestigio Pap Duo mobile. But if I put sim card in other mobile it work regularly! What I need to do to make it works? I don't know why viber suddenly stopped? Armin 24 Jun , at Samsung galax sll me viber dwondload nahi horaha hai batado pl. I can't send a photo message to anyone but I can received from others.. Fuat 22 Jun , at Dear viber i have a ZTE blade III pro i have installed viber on my phone but when i call somebody i hear them but they can;t hear me what is the problem pls give me an andvice.

SuWin 18 Jun , at I installed viber on my phone. But i can not got code number for activation in viber. So i can not use it.. But i can use my old Iphone 3GS by this same number. After uninstalling viber on old phone,also can not install on new my phone. Pls give me advice it Thank you.. Fernando 06 Jun , at I' m using samsung galaxy note2. I just want to ask why, because my auntie's cp is samsung galaxy y duos but she can send and receive video on viber from iphone s4.

Krishnam Mehta 02 Jun , at I'm able to receive incoming calls clearly. My email address is krishnamehta yahoo. It appears Package file is invalid. Kiritbhai Soni 28 May , at Hi kirit mama how are you I miss you a lot all right take care. The other person on the other line can't hear me. I have a cherry mobile skyfire 2. Stav 24 May , at Dear all, Please kindly let me how can i download the viber app for galaxy gts? Phuong 01 Jul , at Sibal 21 May , at Are there certain simcards that could not register to viber? I am using alcatel inspire2 and with a Smartgold sim.

When i was supposed to receive a text to know my code. None was given. Help thnks in advance. Btw when i tried to type in my other phone's number. It automatically received a text msg. So is it really my sim?? How can I download Viber on Nexus 7? Evgenii Kostrov 27 Jul , at Link located at the top of the page, below a brief description of the application.

Y cant I download viber on my Sony Ericsson xperia?? Please help thank. I cant dowanload viber with samsung III in a play sotore??? Mana 07 May , at Hi I have acer and I downloaded viber on my phone but I am facing a problem I can hear people talking but they can't. Fermin 30 Apr , at It says that it doesn't recognize my device's country. What should I do? Mirre 28 Apr , at I have a Samsung Galaxy mini 2. Sound quality of viber is very poor. The other line can hear me, but I can hardly hear them.

Any advise? Emma 27 Apr , at I have downloaded viber on my new samsung galaxy mini GT-SD and I have problems with the sound, people hear me and I don't hear them.

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Messages are fine. Maybe I've been making some mistakes while downloading it?!? Sometimes I get the code number, sometimes I don't. Mamtha 24 Apr , at Akeem sultan 20 Apr , at I'm not getting it, not on the number I'm using. Ali 09 Apr , at Miso 08 Apr , at Thanks to you for your understanding. Molim you if you can help me how to do the installation on my cell phone. Help 06 Apr , at I need your help how to use viber and whatsapp program in my tablet? When I downloaded it, it say that whatsapp not supported to tablets and Viber was stopped. Please kindly advice.

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Ni 05 Apr , at Dmitrii Gusakov 05 Apr , at Bilal 04 Apr , at But I get the error 'download was unsuccessful. Please try again. Helen 31 Mar , at I want to downloqd viber in my samsung tab2 7. How can i download viber to my samsung gt s AJLA 14 Mar , at How can i download viber in mi samsung galaxy tab Whats wrong with my device!??????

It wont let me download any games or apps. I click on it and it takes me to a different page. That page is white and it says that i dknt have permission to view he page and im just like What wen twrong.

Viber App for Samsung

I have a nook tablept. Paulo 24 Feb , at Viber does not work for calls only with Alcated One touch The dia-in is not performed. Anyone can tell me why? Luke 22 Feb , at There is a newer version of Viber - 2. Please update the links. Dmitrii Gusakov 23 Feb , at The message on Play Store says: Does this issue relate to my carrier "Dhiraagu" or does the problem lie with my phone Samsung Galaxy Note 2? If so, wonder how I should address this issue. Mielawit 16 Feb , at Cris 09 Feb , at Asal 30 Jan , at NIC 13 Jan , at Viber 01 Jan , at Thank you for your feedback on our application and service.

Phones can never be a secondary device. If you want to use Viber on more than one phone, you will need to have two different accounts. The same rules apply for tablets if they are your primary device as for a phone. You can have as many secondary devices connected to your primary account as you would like. Secondary devices are synced to the primary device regularly to make sure that you can switch between them seamlessly.

If you deactivate Viber on your primary device, it will automatically deactivate Viber on all your secondary devices. The first step to setting up Viber on your tablet is to download the app. Read on for instructions for getting and activating Viber. If you already have Viber on your phone, and want to add it to your tablet to sync, read here. Activating Viber as a secondary device - Android tablets and iPad 1. Make sure Viber on your phone is up to date 2. Verify this is the correct phone number. Scan the QR code with Viber on your phone to sync your accounts.

Activating Viber as a primary device - Android tablets and iPad 1. Once it is downloaded, open Viber 3. Select Continue 4. Enter the phone number on your tablet as follows: Tap continue, and then tap "Do you want to activate this device as your only device? Wait for an SMS with your access code this should take about 2 minutes 8.

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  6. Type the access code into the Viber setup screen and tap Enter Viber. Enter your info to log in, or login with Facebook You can also receive your code with an automatic callback. If you have any problems with activation, see our troubleshooting page for more options. Viber on an iPad has some additional features that aren't in other apps. Slide over the screen to access other apps, watch videos about Viber on the screen and open Viber and another app side by side.

    Please note you can't use the Viber camera in split view. Hold down on a message, photo or link on one screen, drag it into a chat screen on Viber and drop it there.

    free download viber for samsung galaxy s2 Free download viber for samsung galaxy s2
    free download viber for samsung galaxy s2 Free download viber for samsung galaxy s2
    free download viber for samsung galaxy s2 Free download viber for samsung galaxy s2
    free download viber for samsung galaxy s2 Free download viber for samsung galaxy s2
    free download viber for samsung galaxy s2 Free download viber for samsung galaxy s2
    free download viber for samsung galaxy s2 Free download viber for samsung galaxy s2

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