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The game is well supported on Nokia Asha , , , , , Smartphones. Lets have funny runway journey With the temple hero on your Nokia Asha Smartphones. Angry Birds Space x touchscreen java. Play the popular angry birds space game on your Nokia asha series 40 Nokia Ahsa , , , , phones. The game is also supported java supported full touchscreen phones. Transformers 3 Java game.

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Play the prime Transformers game on Nokia Asha java supported full touchscreen Smartphones like Nokia Asha , , , , , This game is real action game for mobile game lover. Transformers 3 is really a entertaining action game for mobile phone. Lets play. Lets Fight as a Robot Hero. You can download all 40 games and keep them forever, so long as you have enough storage on your phone, and you must do so within 60 days of first opening EA Games gift.

Download free games for Nokia Asha 311

For a full list of all 40 titles, scroll to the bottom of this Nokia page. There is bound to be a game that will keep you occupied for hours and hours, no matter which genre of gaming you prefer. Here is my personal my pick of the free EA games. It has been longer than a decade than I last played Tetris, so downloading and playing this game was a real trip down memory lane. It was also a reminder how incredibly addictive and brilliant the original game was! In this Revolutions version, the gameplay remains much the same, where different shaped blocks or tetrominos , if you insist fall down the screen and you need to rotate and manoeuvre them to form straight lines along the bottom.

However, rather than playing indefinitely, you are set targets such as forming 40 lines to get to the next level. The further you progress, the trickier it becomes and you can learn new moves along the way. You are part of a US Special Forces mission operating deep inside enemy territory during WWII, where you must eliminate their air defences to allow Allied troops to land and provide support. Tap left and right to dodge debris, and try to avoid the other creatures as well.

Magic 8 Ball can act as your personal fortune teller, offering predictions at the tap of a button.

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Ask it for any advice, and press the onscreen button to get an answer. Is it worth a download? Drag Race Jetski offers a choice of 36 different jetskis, different locations and a choice of gameplay options — from quickplay to career. You can collect bombs along the way, helping to increase destructive powers, along with other power-ups, including a turbo mode that lets you escape enemies.

Aim left or right to steer around traffic in Turbo Speed Race, trying to collect coins at the same time to beat previous high scores. The birds-eye view looks good and works well, with the Nokia Asha proving easily quick enough to handle this game and keep things running smoothly. Bottle Shooter does almost exactly what it says on the tin, letting you have fun by breaking bottles. With a timer and a score to beat though, the pressure is on!

Similar to Doodle Jump in style, this game is all about collecting as many peppers as possible while you jump ever upwards, but instead of controlling Amego, you control the platforms he jumps on, tilting them left or right to switch the direction he jumps in. A modern take on a classic board game, you can now play Snakes and Ladders on your Nokia Asha. Just select your player, and tap the die to roll. Dust off your scope and get ready for shooting action with The Street Combat Trial, a game where you tap onscreen to aim and fire.

Simply move your finger to the top, bottom, left or right to move your spaceship around, trying to hit enemies as you go. If you like mental puzzles, this is definitely the game for you. Ever been water skiing? Tap left or right to try and dodge things coming at you, staying above the water. Adventure of Ted is a Super Mario-style platform game, letting you run, jump and try to avoid obstacles.

The cartoon styling looks great, and the gameplay is fast and smooth at all times.

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Jump left and right to avoid obstacles in this skateboarding game, while at the same time collecting items and helping to clear up the streets. The cartoon 3D graphics in Highway Skating 3D really add to the overall experience, and the simple touch controls also mean the skateboard is easy to control. Another fantastic Gameloft game, Dragon Mania gives you the opportunity to raise your very own dragon.

Along with impressive gameplay, the graphics also look fantastic, adding an extra element to the game. The aim is to get as far down the river as possible, picking up fuel along the way and shooting enemy balloons, warships, tanks and bridges. Anther top shooting game, defend forts and other battlements by aiming and firing at enemies as they jump out and attempt to shoot you. This game is all about reactions, and quick responding controls make it easy to get to grips with and have fun. The big onscreen joypad in Easy Killing is great for controlling this 2D shooter, steering the man around different rooms and trying to hunt down enemies.

Help the Smart Thief to escape from the international police in this platform game, running, jumping and even motorcycling your way to freedom. There are loads of different things to catch you out along the way though, so be aware of rocks, tyres and other things in the road. Take on the life of a monkey, and spend your time climbing poles and trying to avoid enemies. Fired from a super-large catapult, the aim of Jumping Justin is to help the beaver get as high as possible, collecting items on the way — such as magnets and motors — to help prevent the beaver from falling back to earth.

With the ground being shot at around you, Go Go is a battle to survive. We hope you enjoyed our gaming run down. Skip to Content Skip to Footer. Along with being the ideal phone, camera and music player, your Nokia Asha is also a great gaming device.

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  • Take a deep breath and read on! Ind vs Aus If you love cricket, this is a must-have, letting you recreate one of the hottest rivalries on your Nokia Asha. Ace Combat by Namco Take to the skies with Ace Combat, a title that offers birds-eye-view graphics similar to retro arcade games. Racing 3D A 3D racer that really puts you at the heart of the action, K. Sniper Shoot Sniper Shoot does exactly what it says on the tin, putting you behind the scope and letting you do away with your enemies.

    Save The Dogs A game for animal fans, Save the Dogs is an appealing puzzler, where you need to put various dogs back in their kennels without them going near each other. Soccer Simulator Tapping and holding the screen, letting go at the perfect time, the aim of Soccer Simulator is see just how far you can get a football to go. Vampire Pet Once your vampire bat is born, you can spend time looking after him or her , showing it love, feeding it, cleaning up and helping to entertain it. Super Commando 3 Take on your enemies with this fantastic platform shooter. Tiny Snowman Move your tiny snowman around the ice, giving him instructions to help avoid bears, collecting presents as he goes.

    Twisted Machines Turbo Racing Steer your car through the testing turns on up to 45 different street circuits, wiping out your rivals as you go. Feed The Dog Feed the Dog sees you navigating a canine across a garden, avoiding hazards and directing it to food. Rabbit Trip Hop round the garden in Rabbit Trip, looking for carrots as you go. Tortoise And The Hare Controlling an evil-looking hare, see how far you can kick a tortoise, with distance the goal of the game.

    Tiny Robot Plot out the route for your Tiny Robot, working out a series of moves to ensure you cover the game board without standing on a bomb. Wolf Egg Hunt The aim of this game is to catch eggs in a basket as they fall from chicken huts. Santa Snake We love Snake at the best of times, but this is a slightly different take on the Nokia classic, where you need to control Santa and fly round the screen collecting reindeer.

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    Thalaiva Puzzle Slide the tiles around on this puzzle game to complete a picture. Trouble Bubble A great-looking puzzle game, Trouble Bubble sees you in space trying to match up identical coloured bubbles as they pass you by. Heli Race With some neat detailing, Heli Race is a cool-looking game that lets you take to the skies. Extreme Bowling Enjoy the sights and sounds of the bowling alley without having to don a pair of second-hand bowling shoes. Dhoom 3: The Game A title played from a birds-eye view, Dhoom 3: Hercules 3D Hercules 3D is a tough, challenging game with a stunning and distinctive 3D design.

    HOOF The aim of Hoof is to combine three or more balls of the same colour, firing new balls into the fray as the current ones work their way around the screen. Monster Pet Want your very own virtual pet? Bus Tycoon Bus Tycoon is one of the most satisfying games currently available for your Asha when you get things right, with a lot of attention needed to make sure your customers are happy.

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    Fighter Zone With simple birds-eye-view graphics, this game runs quickly and smoothly, and it really helps the fun gameplay to shine through. Extreme Quad Bikes Pro Extreme Quad Bikes Pro gives you the chance to test your mettle in all sorts of conditions, with demanding tracks including snow and covered in obstacles to catch you out. Air Force The arcade-style play and overhead view make this game similar in principle to Fighter Zone, controlling your fighter plane by tapping the area of the screen you want to go.

    download motion gaming for nokia 311 Download motion gaming for nokia 311
    download motion gaming for nokia 311 Download motion gaming for nokia 311
    download motion gaming for nokia 311 Download motion gaming for nokia 311
    download motion gaming for nokia 311 Download motion gaming for nokia 311
    download motion gaming for nokia 311 Download motion gaming for nokia 311
    download motion gaming for nokia 311 Download motion gaming for nokia 311
    download motion gaming for nokia 311 Download motion gaming for nokia 311

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