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After all, were smartphones ever meant to be taken that seriously! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Smartwatch device from Motorola may come soon after they file for a patent. S-Beam Sharing your content with friends nearby should be easy, quick and even fun. Pop up Play Picture-in-picture technology lets you watch an HD video in another window while sending an email or text simultaneously. Social Tag Now it's even easier to keep track of your friends and loved ones.

S-Voice Why not get a response from your phone? Smart Alert When you pick up your phone, wouldn't it be nice if it let you know what has been happening since you've been gone? Show All Specs. SAR Information. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by kanthan from Sleek I bought this device 5 years ago and it still functions well, as a backup phone. I wish Samsung Electronics could incorporate this phone design into their future Galaxy S series of smartphone yes, I know that is not gonna happen, but I "wish". Rated 5 out of 5 by SamM from Valur for money I got this phone in Have been using this since.

Got everything I want from this phone. I i love it. Rated 5 out of 5 by h20o from galaxy s3 gt-i its the best samrton in and now its still good enought Date published: I had this phone for two years before moving up to the Galaxy S5 which I actually barely touched for the first month because I was in love with my S3 so much. To end my love affair with this phone I stood down and sold it. Anyway after slandering and broadcasting my hate for Apple devices to anyone who would listen for months on end, I recently decided it was time to purchase an S3 again, and reconcile my love affair with it.

My new used but in fantastic condition S3 is this time the 4G version, so slightly updated from the 3G model I had before. This phone feels amazing in the hand, even with a cover on. It is just the right size to control and access all features using only one hand, its responsive, the screen is amazing samsungs always are unbeatable and even after 6 months with an S5 I swear the S3 screen is better. The preloaded sounds are pretty, as are the wallpapers, of course you can customise if you wish, but you wouldnt rush to like with some phones.

The only downside with samsung phones is all of the pre installed samsung apps and bloatware that hog memory and seem to want to update 3 times a week, despite the fact theyre not wanted and are never ever used. You cant remove these permanently unless you rooted your device but you can disable them, which is good, but still a hassle. Overall I would recommend this phone to anyone and everyone , young or old, new or familiar to android. Even a phone with twice the camera, twice the RAM and a "better screen" debatable didnt win me away from this. Try it. You wont be let down, even if it is 2 and a half years old now.

They're just not informative enough. Just as a reminder, here are iOS 5's notifications. Android definitely still has the lead in the quick access to settings such as Wi-Fi, mobile data and GPS in the top banner, plus from the power button on the side to set Airplane mode, data connections, restart or power down. Being able to see in the notifications what settings are applied, and change them, is a plus — iOS and Windows Phone lag there. I liked the brightness of the display, and the depth of the colours; the length of the loan didn't let me find out how well the screen resists everyday scuffing.

The touchscreen was sometimes unresponsive; I couldn't say whether this was due to something in the software, or the touchscreen itself, though I'd guess it was the software. Because Android still has flaws in how it handles display output. The SGS3 has a quad-core 1. Yet if you give it a long list of entries perhaps Twitter, perhaps a load of emails and flick-scroll them, the list stutters — seeming to stick at points before flowing on.

Yes, really.

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Alternatively, if you put your finger on a list and waggle it up and down, you'll get hysteresis — the scroll view can't react fast enough and soon it's scrolling down while you're moving your finger up, and vice-versa. This has been the subject of a lot of discussion.

Samsung Galaxy S3 review: reaching for greatness

Google suggests it's fixed. Not in my experience. I really noticed it here.

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On touchscreens, I'm a two-thumb typist the legacy of having used a BlackBerry back in , and I like to type at speed — which means a touch keyboard has to keep up on the corrections, because touchscreen typing is hard to do accurately; and any delay rapidly becomes a bugbear, especially if it happens because of something that is built in to the device. The generic ICS keyboard is better than the Gingerbread one, though having used all three extensively, I still think the iOS keyboard has better error correction and other behaviours..

The Samsung one doesn't switch back to letters when you hit space bar after hitting a number. The iOS keyboard has its annoyances, but the Samsung keyboard still feels cramped despite the much larger screen size. The worst of it was that my mistyping became glaringly obvious. I also found that the screen seemed slow to react to my attempts to prod it to shift the cursor to correct a misspelling. Yes, I know — Swype, SwiftKey, you can change the keyboard to what you want.

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I've tried others and not greatly enjoyed the experience; other people differ. So I do recommend that you try other keyboards if you have your heart set on this phone. It's almost certain to improve the experience. I didn't even find that my typing improved with longer use; if anything, it got worse. There are some truly maddening errors in this. Samsung has skinned Ice Cream Sandwich pretty extensively, so it's hard to know without delving into geekish detail whether a flaw is Google's, or Samsung's.

But let's treat the device as sui generis — an item to be considered on its own. The Back button is on the right of the Home button, rather than on the left as it was with the Galaxy S. This in itself isn't a problem, since you accommodate quickly enough, though if you're changing from another Android phone, be prepared to re-learn some music memory. Similarly, if you're on a 2.

New Samsung Commercial Makes Fun Of People Waiting In Line For iPhone 5, Again | Cult of Mac

The Android Back button's roulette-ish behaviour — will it take you back through every app and every action you've ever made, or just back to your starting place in the app? That hasn't changed. In general, the Back button is a very useful thing, but sometimes and it's unpredictable when, but generally when you're in a hurry and want to get something done you'll press it in the wrong context, and get thrown out of one action into another, or to the home screen.

Frustrating, it is, at those times. Since Samsung clearly thinks you'll spend lots of time in the browser, what's it like? It's still the stock Android browser Chrome isn't yet the default. One thing that any mobile browser needs is that a double-tap will reflow the text to a readable size on the screen.

The default setting often set the text to overflow, so that the page would spill either side of the screen. There is a setting which does fix this, though, so that text will reflow neatly. The browser is fast, though I think the limit has been reached; we're now bound by the speed of the connection, not the machine. And while the text reflow is very good, it lacks iOS 5's "Reader" system which reformats web text into plain text for reading. But I also found that sometimes the text rendering was — what's the word?

Here's a large example. That's really not good rendering.

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  • Even on a mobile site such as AdAge, here it could render text completely illegible. Here's how it came out when I visited the site: And here's the link , if you want to see how it looks on your own mobile device. Clearly, it's not AdAge favouring the iPhone. The main rear camera is good — it has a macro setting for closeups. There are tons of settings; camera geeks can get lost in them, or you can just use it as most will as a point-and-shoot.

    An apology: I was convinced that the SGS3's macro setting would punt the iPhone 4S into the distance, because viewed through the screen, it looked in focus, sharp and detailed. Having actually viewed the pics, though, it turns out that the iPhone took the better closeups. Here they are on Flickr, as a slideshow ; select "show info" to see which was taken with which device. The latest must-have in camera access on smartphones, though, is direct access from the lock screen.

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    Windows Phone did this first in ; Apple leapt in next with iOS 5 in October ; ICS followed at about the same time if you could get it with a camera icon direct from the lock screen, even when you have a pin or pattern lock set up. However on the SGS3, if you want rapid access to the camera from the lock screen, you have to "tap and hold the screen while rotating the phone", according to the setting I ticked. Whatever this magic gesture is, I never managed to perform it, despite plenty of tries.

    Samsung seems to be edging very carefully away from a core Google experience. It offers its own Samsung Music a per-month paid offering and also AllShare Play, which offers the chance of sharing your music and videos across multiple devices, as Apple does with music via iTunes Match, and for photo and limited video on iCloud. AllShare Play's page says that: Samsung clearly sees services as the way forward, and especially as the way to differentiate itself from other Android handset makers.

    The most visible example is its use of S-Voice , its own voice-controlled assistant, accessed via a double press on the home button. As with the iPhone, that button gets a lot of uses: The iPhone's are different, but equally at risk of overload.

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    That's partly why I think Samsung is ignoring Google's desire that the 4. S-Voice has been around longer than Apple's Siri it arrived in the SGS2 last year , though both seem to be driven by Nuance's technology.

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