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Call 'em up and ask, you should be able to even get English language assistance. I use a Vodafone CallYa tarif and can top up with a "CallYa scratchcard" funny, they still call it a "scratchcard" , but there are several different CallYa tarifs. Are you sure you MUST complete that banking form?

I had trouble with their Komfortaufladung a few years ago: So if I had between 5 and 9. I'd have to do it manually.

It was maddening. It sounds like may have fixed that logic trap now, though, if it tops up when it goes below That's not a solution if you don't have a smartphone, of course. Yes you can, see here. You can also top up online using your credit card or with Paypal doesn't require registering, or setting up recurrent payments or automatic top-ups , see here. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Questions about Vodafone Pay as you go mobile phone purchase

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I'm going to be travelling in Germany and the Netherlands for three days and want a cheap prepaid SIM card that will work in both countries. Some operators might as if you are a permanent resident in Germany. Operators don't like to have short-term tourist customers - they are not very profitable for them. Some travellers have resolved this a bit dishonesty and give the stay-place's adress as their "permanent adress".

Finally, some operators are really nasty and ask your German bank acc. Not all ask though. You can see a list which does not ask here mygermanphone. She wasn't up on which cards were good for data only, so I ended up getting mine at Aldi Sud. It was very easy -- ask for the Aldi Talk starter kit, which is I also bought a 5euro credit from the store they print a code off for you to enter on the Aldi Talk website. My intention was to buy their 5GB data plan for 15euro, which is good for 30 days. What I didn't know at the time, is that when you register your SIM card, Aldi sends you texts to confirm stuff, and since you don't have a plan in place, you are charged for the texts.

This brought my credit balance to just below 15euro, so I had to go and purchase another 5euro credit at the store you need German bank information to do it online. Registering is quite simple -- just use Chrome as your browser and you can get the webpage translated, thanks to the folks at Google. As far as the texts were concerned, I copied and pasted them into google translate.

All in all, it wasn't a very difficult process. I bought the SIM for 10 Euros in a German department store, not completely convinced it would work for me. I used it mainly for the data in Germany , France and Malta and got to use the data without penalty while roaming in those countries.

Network data connection was patchy in some areas. Not sure if the roaming partners of Vodafone.

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To register the SIM card online, my spouse - an ex-German resident - quoted the address of a German relative. Not sure if sign-up would be possible without this. No bank details were required in the sign-up process.

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I've skimmed prepaid-data-sim-card. I arrive at Munich airport at 3: I have an iPhone 6 A that I confirmed is properly carrier unlocked. I'm a US citizen. I anticipate making few to no phone calls and also doing almost no texting, if any. I care mainly about data. I'm guessing I might need GB. Don't care that much about speed.

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I bought a sim pack for 10 euro from a vodafone in Passau , the salesman insisted I purchase 15euro of credit otherwise the SIM couldn't be used. This is rubbish and has been confirmed by Vodafone Germany as not necessary. So if you don't need more data or calls, check that the pack comes preloaded with credit and then only pay for that. He also refused to issue a receipt, incase this is important to you it is important to me. Vodafone also confirmed that he should have issued a receipt. They also offer some nice top-up options if you need more internet data - 30 euro for 4GB.

This has edged out T-mobile for me as they're not clear about their calls and SMS plus 9 euro for an extra mb. I wasn't planning on making calls or sms the "old-fashioned" way, now with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Hangouts, Alo, Viber, etc, but it's nice to have in an emergency! I've had it for years now, and use it also in France , Italy , Spain , etc. The reason I like this one, is that I can keep it unused for a long time.

Questions about Vodafone Pay as you go mobile phone purchase - Telecoms & TV - Toytown Germany

They won't suddenly terminate your account. So you can use it for years of european travel.

CallYa Smartphone Allnet Flat

My daughter is going to work in Berlin for a year, can anyone recommend a sim only plan with a decent amount of data in the package please. I can't stress enough that o2 is the absolute worst company to deal with in regards to sim cards. The card worked for the prepaid amount but when I "recharged" my account with 15 euros it stopped working. I spent several days going to different o2 stores and no one was ever able to help me.

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The final answer I got was to call customer service, which is great because as I said- the SIM card doesn't work! I can't make a phone call.

callya smartphone fun 10 starter Callya smartphone fun 10 starter
callya smartphone fun 10 starter Callya smartphone fun 10 starter
callya smartphone fun 10 starter Callya smartphone fun 10 starter
callya smartphone fun 10 starter Callya smartphone fun 10 starter
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