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Resize your image in just four easy steps: The photo editor has a new tool to mirror the image. In this mode the image is scaled down proportionally to the maximum pixel value based on the longest side. If both the width and the height of the opened image are smaller than the set maximum pixel value, the image size will not be changed.

Update Review: The developer contacted me about the app. I want to resize the picture to what size I want without the image being cut off. Not have the app tell me what size the photo should be by what numbers I put in either spot. The picture ends up being to big. I end up having to use paint for certain pictures. I really hope they update it and make it more like paint. So my review stays the same.

Resize Photos on iPhone iPad

First Review: So I have the full version app. But I feel like things need to be updated.

Resize pictures on iPhone using an image editor

They really need to fix this because it defeats the purpose of the app. I might as well get a refund and just use paint to resize my pictures which enlargers the entire photo without cutting something out of it. Thank you for your feedback. Like the description says: You can only actually resize image if you preserve aspect ratio of the image. Suddenly, it will no longer print the size I specify. Is this because of the update to iOS 11?

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What can I do to get this back? If I could resolve this, it would return to a 5-star app, in my opinion. I tried to print approximately 8x10, 5x7, and 4x6, and none came out the right size. I say approximately because it depends on the size of the image with the constraint for keeping the original proportions turned on. You used to be able to resize photos on an iPad or iPhone by emailing them to yourself.

Resize Photos from iPhone by Mailing Them to Yourself

You would get a prompt asking whether to send the photos as small, medium, large or original. That function appears to have been lost during a recent update or the procedure was changed. How do you resize photos now? I am unable to post photos on many websites because the original shots are too large. It is also harder to email large photos and some people cannot receive or open large photos. BTW, the process for resizing photos was cumbersome but at least you could do it.

Basic Picture Tricks for the iPad mini - dummies

Ideally, Apple will add a resizing option for photos in the edit mode. Posted on Feb 6, 1: Feb 10, 4: Tap that area and an Image Size: From my screen I can see that a photo taken with my iPad was going to be sent Medium: I'd be interested to know why these features within Photos on the iPad under iOS 11 are not meeting your expectations. Page content loaded. Feb 7, 6: Thank you. I finally figured it out after reading your reply, but the new procedure is different than in the past and not intuitive.

On the lower-left side of the screen is a button that looks like a filled-in box with an arrow circling the upper-right corner.

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  5. Tapping this button will spin the photo by 90 degrees. There is also a semicircle of numbers just below the cropped images. If you place your finger on these numbers and move your finger left or right, the image will rotate in that direction. When you are finished making your modifications, tap the Done button in the lower-right corner of the screen. You can also tap on another toolbar button to move directly into a different tool. The button with the three circles allows you to process the image through different lighting effects. You can create a black-and-white photo using the Mono process or use slightly different black-and-white effects like the Tonal or Noir process.

    Want to keep the color?

    The Instant process will make the photo look like it was taken with one of those old Polaroid cameras. You can also choose Fade, Chrome, Process, or Transfer, each of which adds its own flavor to the photo. The button that looks like a circle with dots around it will give you even greater control over the light and color of the photo.

    When you are in this mode, you can drag the film roll left or right to adjust the color or lighting. You can also tap the button with three lines just to the right of the film roll to get even more control. The button with an eye and a line running through it is for getting rid of red-eye. Simply tap the button and tap any eyes that have this effect. Remember, you can zoom into and zoom out of the photo using the pinch-to-zoom gestures.

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