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They could try spying on factories, or count tanks in the field. This was easier.

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Even better: The basic idea was that the highest serial number among the captured tanks could be used to calculate the overall total. The German tanks were numbered as follows: N, where N was the desired total number of tanks produced. Imagine that they had captured five tanks, with serial numbers 20, 31, 43, 78 and They now had a sample of five, with a maximum serial number of Call the sample size S and the maximum serial number M. Therefore the estimate of tanks produced at that time would be The maths wonks reckoned the Germans were making precisely tanks per month between June and September Intelligence scoffed.

Their number was much higher - those damn Germans were turning out 1, per month! German production records captured after the war showed that there were actually made per month. Score one to the maths wonks. They then lost it all by betting on credit default swaps, but that's another story. The process works, basicaly, when you're trying to find out the production of a public item from a secretive organisation.

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Then again, it tells you how many it sells each quarter. It goes like this: Defensive minded players quit, because the game in the upper levels has too long wait times and it drives you off. That's what I have seen. Defense is a ridiculous way to play the game Here is why. If you have enough cash, someone is going to raid you. No such thing as a raid proof base. Defense is good for protecting small amounts of loot, creating crowns and I upper levels, protecting loot because there is no "bigger fish" 3. Offense gains you the advantage. Now I'm not saying ignore defense you need it eventually.

Who showed you the war formulas? I asked for comment on offense vs defense comparison and how it's calculated. Based on the comments and FAQ, it's based on what you have, that is not "age" dependent a level 5 yadda is a level 5 yadda regardless of age Why do you think there is an age fairy dust bonus sprinkled into the formula Defensive, conservative play is not how the game is setup. You are not rewarded at all by that.

You are rewarded by advancing your offense and spending down your storage. Originally posted by Excellion View Post. Dominations is based largely on Clash of Clans and many systems, including war, seem to follow the identical model as CoC in almost every regard. When you rush ahead, you will get less loot from players who are at a lower age than you so farming becomes more difficult.

This is known as a loot penalty. Furthermore, players who could not previously attack you due to a loot penalty will now attack. It is a double hardship as it is harder for you to farm and you will get farmed much more now by high level players. In war, advancing an age sharply raises your score so your ally will face harder opponents. You as an individual player may or may not face a more difficult opponent, but overall the ally will. Most quality allies do not accept players who rush their bases. The game requires patience and rushing shows impatience and poor judgment. Players who rush have an extremely high rate of quitting, which makes sense since the game is significantly harder for them and they already show less patience than required.

World War FAQ: Matchmaking - NEXON M Forums

JuDomines commented. From an global economy perpective, all players should have maxed farm and caravans. It'd inject more ressources in the economy increasing the pool of total loot available. Obviously no one do that because one doesn't have the guarantee other parties will so it. Theory of game Nevertheless Your point 2. Oogaboogahoonga commented.

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If in doubt - attack!!! Missvixen commented. Could not agree more blah blah. Do roads factor in to matchmaking? They are still bugged and grant 30x the XP they should, which can result in very misleading level numbers. A lvl IA player can have no maxed defenses with maxed roads and cannot come close to competing with a lvl player who hasn't maxed roads, but maxed everything else.

Eddie F1 commented. I'm not sure if I buy into this matchmaking theory To me alliance score seem to weigh a lot I've checked all our opponents and they all have similar alliance score. But very different player level.

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Like our last war. Our opponents had 3 classical and 3 GA. Remaining 24 were half and half EA and IA. We were once matched with an alliance that had 7 maxed cheater bases, and our highest level was only , with 0 maxed bases. Monty the Great. I operate two alliances and I am convinced that the matchmaking has a heavy medal component.

Twenty-odd wars, all opponents within a few hundred medals. Krandor commented. We are seeing this as well. We are getting players 40 levels higher then us that our top 10 can't even one star. It seems that medals are the primary component if not the only component. Weve had the opposite experience. The last war we had, we had 4k more medals than opponent. The two wars previous to that, we were matched against a team that had 20k medals we have I dont feel there is a medal component to it. Though I will say, it seems we started really well about , but after that we have been facing much harder teams.

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Maybe there is some sort of ranking being used based on how well teams are doing? Now approaching 40 odd wars. The largest discrepancy in medal has now been about Not convinced guys Calliope Lynn.

world war calculator for iphone World war calculator for iphone
world war calculator for iphone World war calculator for iphone
world war calculator for iphone World war calculator for iphone
world war calculator for iphone World war calculator for iphone
world war calculator for iphone World war calculator for iphone
world war calculator for iphone World war calculator for iphone
world war calculator for iphone World war calculator for iphone

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