Samsung galaxy s5 4k sample

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We've first seen this feature on Sony's Xperia Z line and it's great to see other manufacturers are following suit. Just like the shell, most components under the hood have been upgraded. The device is powered by the latest generation Qualcomm quad-core 2. Android 4. There is no real innovation to be found in the camera department.

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Samsung S users also still have to make do without an optical image stabilization system but the camera resolution has been increased from 13MP to 16MP with 4K video capture capabilities. Samsung also claims the AF speed has been improved. Other new camera features include: It's similar to what we've seen on the Sony Xperia Z2.

As usual for a high-end Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S5 comes with a multitude of features. The upgraded S Health feature provides a personal fitness tracker, including pedometer, diet and exercise records, and a built-in heart rate monitor. There is also a fingerprint scanner for biometric screen locking and mobile payment. I am completely ignorant when it comes to technology. I just want to know if the camera resolution is better on the s4 or the s5?

I got this one on Amazon. It doesn't work for heavy cameras, but for cameras about 2 lbs and under it does a nice job. Tried the Manfrotto and found it to be a little filmy. It may be OK for super light cameras, but none of mine worked. Got this one on Amazon and so far no complaints. I was very surprised about the s5 camera, it's great to film - I was very surprised to see this video https: Impressive stuff, but I am holding out for phones with a sensor array. They're coming soon and will really move cameraphones forward without the hassles or cost of 1 big sensor.

Smartphones sensor sizes will improve with every introduction of a new model. Within two years premium smartphones will rival DSLRs in image quality. The handwriting is on the wall for the demise of big bulky shooting gear. The only buyers of DSLR gear are gearheads and pros.

A dwindling market for sure. New models coming out within a few months. I bought a Nikon P bridge soon after the P came out and within in a year two more models debut. Give me a break. This camera is for our many travel trips but around town I bought a tiny Nikon S01 the size of a credit card. Fits in the pocket better than a smartphone.

I still use a flip phone so I am giving away my age.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Samples

This guy has no idea what he's talking about, and his post isn't worth reading. Save yourself the brain damage, and read someone else's post. Totally agree with RemixAngel. The basic point in which is is a blathering idiot is the question of the sensor size. Not megapixels.

End of story. I'm confused about this: Also unmentioned is the addition of phase detection AF. Isn't that usually only found in DSLRs? This seems like it would be a pretty big improvement to me, how it works in practice of course remains to be seen. And in another article there are also claims the sensor size is larger by how much no clue. I have so far not seen any trustworthy quantification of the sensor size but lets face it, it's going from very tiny to a tiny bit less tiny, which will make hardly any difference at all.

A sensor like the Lumia 's that's what I call innovation. As far as the AF goes, that's really the least of the problems that smartphone cameras have. They are pretty fast and, in my experience, very reliable.

In the last two years I have not used a single phone that would have given me out of focus images. Of course that's partly because those tiny sensors give you tons of depth of field. Overall, from a camera perspective the S5 is a slightly underwhelming upgrade to me, but I am happy to be convinced otherwise once I have a review unit in my hands: I'm not sure I agree at all about all smartphones giving you in-focus pictures. Just look at your Facebook feed.

Most photos you see on there by people you know will almost certainly be blurry or out of focus. I think it would be in order to wait with the complaints until the camera has actually been tested. If those short marketing snippets they showed during the keynote are representative for what it actually can do, I'd say we'll see a lot more in-focus Facebook uploads in the future. And to be honest, that's what these kind of cameras are primarily used for.

I agree with you on the Phase detect faster auto-focus. This is a major update that should get a mention at DPreview if not at the other review sites. To me this is a very big deal. I agree. This is supposed to be a site looking at smartphones from the camera perspective. As such there should be a mention of the camera sensor size. That's the first thing I was looking for. If that information is not available then at least say what you think it is.

If nothing is known, then in any case there is not great point in presenting this here now. Wouldn't it be great if they stopped playing the megapixel game and switched to a high quality 4 megapixel sensor?

Imagine the dynamic range improvement possible with 4 times as much light striking each photosite. A 4 Mpixel sensor would rule out 4K video recording.

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However, I agree with you if it had a 8 Mpixel sensor. Even if Samsung just re-released the S3 in it would still be a far more usable phone than almost every newer smartphone except those made by Sony and a few others. Why is simple HTC and Google want you to use the cloud so they can watch exactly what you do and mine that info. There is nothing inherently bad about this except it provides a very poor user experience compared to having your files local.

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  7. That means you can have all your music files local and never sync or wait for access again. And all local files are catalogged so you can search then quickly. For those slagging the camera. You should probably wait to see the pictures I would never buy any other phone that have no access to battery and memory card.. I read that HTC glued the last smart phone so even at the factory you can't replace battery.. Total nonsense.. I think the Trend started with Windows IOS, the required the manufacturers to have no memory card and no battery access so I guess the followed because thought Windows will be the hit and need to have their phones ready for windows..

    Sometimes those big companies do illogical decisions.

    5 Upcoming Android Phones That Are Worth Waiting For

    Those decision are very logical from their p. The ultimate moron-targeted "upgrade". I cannot find any mention of sensor size. Does anyone know what it is. I don't really care about the looks as anything I buy will be put in a cover. The replaceable battery is a big plus for me. I have a nexus 4 at the moment and it downloads youtube extremely slowly.

    Much more slowly than my old iPhone 4. Is there a reason a google product can not download another google product? I am concerned about buying another Android product. Pixel size is 1. What good is a fancy phone when the battery runs out of juice. In the phone? It's much more awkward to use a phone connected to a powerbank than just to pop a spare battery in the phone when needed. And the latter is also, in general, far smaller. Eventually all batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. When that eventually happens with a non-removable battery phone, it'll need to be refurbished or sent for repair.

    But who wants to do this in 5 years when you will only want this phone as a spare? It'll be so simple to resurrect this baby just by ordering a new spare battery online. A new Removable battery can breathe new life into an old phone, and if it is kept in decent condition, it should be usable in the future. Particularly now that iPhones have become both hard-to-service-manually and to show some major battery problems.

    For example, iPhone 5's are infamous for their battery deaths. Also happened to me; fortunately, Apple exchanged the device. Also, one can't say older iPhones had better batteries. For example, some of my shots I've taken of iPhone 3GS models and their awfully-swollen batteries after three years of operation:.

    My 40 month old Nokia N8 has bigger sensor photosites not to mention a hardware shutter and Xenon flash. What I really care about is relative sensor size of the S5 compared to the Z2. I don't care about resolution as long as it's 8 Mpixels or more. I was hoping better so that S4 and other phones would drop in price.

    Why the S4? Apparently it's highly unstable and suffers from various problems including overheating. Many say it's been a botched phone. People say a lot of things. I have an S4, it doesn't crash, freeze, nor overheat. Its a fantastic phone as determined by the vast number of positive reviews. The only people who could possibly say this was a "botched" phone are brand trolls. You haven't ever heard of the excellent 4K recording quality also emphasized by the DPReview folks of the Note 3, have you?

    Yup, I too, was a non believer until I saw the 4k video from the Note 3. I now have one sitting right here. The video must be seen to be appreciated and yes it is a noticeable improvement over p HD video. The depth and detail is nothing short of stunning.

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    Not a gimmick whatsoever. Get yourself a nice 64 GB card though the files I hear are pretty huge. Seems like a nice design otherwise. But the obsession with ever-bigger displays has to stop. Try scalable UI instead. I consider Steve Jobs to be the greatest innovator of all time, far beyond someone like Thomas Edison, but he was wrong about one thing. Even Apple has come to realize this and their phones will continue to get bigger, although rather painfully slowly. I've had screens 3. Having used all these screens for at least a few months each, the bigger screen always has more advantages than disadvantages.

    That's unless you have small hands, then yes, there's no way around that. Speaking of scalable UI, the Galaxy Note 3 can be enabled to be scaled to a screen smaller than an iPhone if necessary in one-handed mode. So there really is no reason for a phone that is the current size of the iPhone. Note 3 fits comfortably in the pocket. Technology and UI implementations has overcome the need for a such a small screen. To say that Jobs was a bigger inventor than Edison just shows how you lack knowledge of the history. Edison was a true innivator. Jobs, yes I amit he has done great stuff, but it is more like put things that alredy exist together, and time the release and make a demand for i perfectly.

    He told people what they wanted, and they listened The compulsory Oatmeal comic about Edison vs Tesla: Any bigger than that and you can't use it one handed and may as well have a 7" tablet which is notably more pleasant to use for 'heavyweight' tasks than a 'phablet' and no inconvenience to carry in a large pocket or bag.

    Steve Jobs was perhaps the best salesman in recent living memory, but innovator? Edison was a true innivator [sic]. This is a great point. While Jobs was good at what he did, Edison pretty much wrote the book on Bogarting other people's hard work and inspiration for recognition. I've got small hands and was worried when I stepped up to the S4, but I got used to it. Swiftkey even updated their keyboard and now you can shift the keyboard to the right so I can still type things one-handed if I like. Design is not one of Samsungs strengths, more the marketing and corruption of the market.

    Then, go the Apple way. For me, features like 4K recording, microSD slot etc. I already go the Apple way. That doesn't mean I'm not looking on the market and Android or windows phone offers. The design and quality is miles ahead of Samsungs offers. Samsung just tries to get the biggest number in all specs sheets which brings them on top of many reviews and rankings. Real life experience is a different thing though. The manipulated benchmark tests of former Galaxy phones was the creaming on the ice It would still be nice.

    Options are always good. The photography savvy can do a lot in manual mode. No optical image stabilization OIS. Not surprised. I hear it never worked too well on phones that got this feature a few months back. Michael Ma "but unfortunately more megapixels which negates any low light performance gained".

    See the article on DXOMark's site regarding pixel density and noise. Sensor size plays by far the largest role in total image noise. Adding pixels makes grain finer and can actually improve the image, assuming it is not pushed too far. It's the pixel pitch size of the sensor at the pixel level that matters for each sensor for each pixel. When the sensor for that one individual pixel is smaller, it has less surface to capture light information which produces a weaker signal to noise, that makes it harder to filter noise from actual data.

    The S5 has a 4: The highest resolution you can shoot at is x but that's in a The sensor is capable of x , but Samsung decided to not enable it in the firmware for a few reasons. That's what I meant by negating any low light performance gained. This is why 4K, when resampled to p will yield in significant resolution increase close to 4: You cold have 4: But what a naive consumer knows about chroma sub-sampling.

    Well, maybe they deserve it. How does that "perforated" design for the back make it look premium?

    Samsung Galaxy S5 features 16MP camera with 4K video

    I found it really cheap looking than the S4. No real innovation in the camera department? I was at the launch and there are several things that are worth noting about that new camera. First of all the camera adopts PD-AF which is a first in cameraphones and a very welcome addition. They won't even introduce p60 or stereo audio recording to the iPhone 6, let alone 4K, I'm afraid. Meanwhile over at apple I wish they became as innovative as they used to be. These were the reasons I hadn't used it as my main phone before the jailbreak came, but used my instead.

    There is supposed to be a hybrid sensor with phase detection which should speed things up. Although with the dismal camera sales I personally don't want phone cameras to get better or there will be no one to subsidize camera research In this case it just means splash-proof. The Sony Z1 and Z2 can actually be dropped in water for at least 30 minutes at a time based on all reviews.

    Z1 and Z2 allow deeper immersion as they are IP I really hoped for it too, given that Samsung announced some months ago they'd start using OIS in their high-end phones. The way the red stands out in a sea of blue is striking, and the S5 managed to capture the vibrancy to utmost perfection here. The sharpness, the colour accuracy and the overall clarity of the image was a recurring theme with the S5 in clear bright daylight. Another macro shot, this time of a small bottle of olive oil. Again, great colours, accuracy and detail. We also tested it out in places with demanding lighting conditions, like a huge difference in highlights and shadows to test the dynamic range and here are the results —.

    Under exposed shadows are a norm, but the HDR solution works well, which we will discuss in a separate post and video. Some more photos, which feature locations with dim or artificial lights that are mostly never enough for phone cameras, in terms of sensitivity —. These are all the full resolution stills samples and video samples of the Samsung Galaxy S5 we have right now. So, what do you think? Does it beat your expectations? Let us know in the comments section below.

    Varun Krish is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast and has been blogging about mobile phones since Skip to content. Some more photos, which feature locations with dim or artificial lights that are mostly never enough for phone cameras, in terms of sensitivity — Lots of colours here but they are kinda dulled down by the post processing to remove noise.

    Moving on, these are some other photos in daylight, all of which had vibrant colours — Video Samples p — 4K — These are all the full resolution stills samples and video samples of the Samsung Galaxy S5 we have right now. Bharadwaj contributed to this report. Previous Previous post: Next Next post:

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