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More gear. Samsung Unpacked. Arielle Pardes Arielle Pardes. Brian Barrett Brian Barrett. Lauren Goode Lauren Goode. Goodbye, Pixels. Peter Rubin Peter Rubin. Nokia has launched its new flagship smartphone, the Nokia Lumia , in India. The Lumia will be available with retailers across the country starting October 11, and Nokia will only be revealing the cameraphone's price a day before that, on October The new Lumia comes in three colour variants: Black, White and Yellow.

Two accessories of the Lumia have also been announced for India, for which Nokia has revealed the prices. The Nokia Camera Grip will be available for Rs. The Finnish handset maker had unveiled the phone at an event in New York , in July. The Nokia Lumia comes equipped with a 4. The Lumia 's display boasts of a pixel density of PPI. The Nokia Lumia is powered by a 1. It also offers a 1. The phone comes with 32GB internal storage which is non-expandable.

Commenting on the launch, P. In our latest buying guide we've selected some cameras that while they're a bit older, still offer a lot of bang for the buck. These entry level cameras should be easy to use, offer good image quality and easily connect with a smartphone for sharing. Whether you've grown tired of what came with your DSLR, or want to start photographing different subjects, a new lens is probably in order.

We've selected our favorite lenses for Sony mirrorlses cameras in several categories to make your decisions easier. As expected, the S10 series' display is the center of attention with a hole-punch style front-facing camera embedded in the screen. Picktorial for macOS gets a major 4. Samsung wasted no time unveiling the Galaxy Fold at its Unpacked event today — a foldable device with a 4. The device contains a total of six cameras — three on the back, two inside and one front-facing camera.

Photographers Ben Horne is asking for help to find the owners of a battered Fujifilm camera that fell from the top of Angels Landing in Zion National Park. Given that it uses the same sensor and processor as the X-T3, it's no surprise that the Fujifilm X-T30 is capable of producing some excellent photos. We took a pre-production X-T30 all over the Seattle area and have plenty of photos for your viewing pleasure.

Tamron has announced three new full-frame lenses slated to launch in the middle of Roger and his team at Lensrentals have switched things up and decided to build a lens rather than tearing it apart. We'll be trying to address those comments we didn't get to in the comments. Until now, the word 'bokeh' has been a noun. But that may very well change with the help of Apple's recent video advertisement.

The data breach we reported on last week did not only affect px but a total of 16 websites, including mobile image sharing platform EyeEm, Animoto, Artsy and Fotolog. Camera Rescue, a Finnish organization determined to rescue more than K analog, has already saved 46, cameras and plans to more than double that number by Independent lens manufacturer Sigma has announced that its new 28mm T1.

At Dubai's recent Gulf Photo Plus event, Fujifilm showed off several of its early concept mockups for GFX cameras that sadly never made it into production. We took a closer look. Panasonic is well known for including impressive video features on its cameras. In this article, professional cinematographer Jack Lam explains one killer feature the company could add to its S series that would shake up the industry — and it all comes down to manual focus.

Full-frame cameras get a lot of attention lately, but Technical Editor Richard Butler thinks that APS-C makes the most sense for a lot of people — and there's just one company consistently giving the format the support it deserves. The 12th International Garden Photographer of the Year winners have been announced. We've gathered the top photos from each category and rounded them up into a slideshow. Kosmo Foto has announced the release and opened pre-orders for its new Mono black-and-white film.

Uber software engineer Phillip Wang has created a website that shows a portrait of a person that doesn't actually exist by using AI to merge multiple faces together. Got a couple of minutes? Then you have all the time you need to learn about Canon's second full-frame mirrorless camera body — and why it's a compelling option for someone stepping into full-frame for the first time. Xiaomi's new flagship Android smartphone is expected to be launched on February 24 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Submit a News Tip! Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register. Best cameras and lenses Now reading: Do you need 41 megapixels? Our Nokia Lumia camera review comments. Previous 1 Introduction. Next page. Nokia Lumia Support DPReview. Shop with. Nokia Lumia results on Amazon. Nokia Mobile Nokia 6. View Comments Comments All Vote now on the link below and tell Microsoft what we really want for Christmas! Parishrut Pandey Lumia is a video beast. Vladik I downsized file to 13mp and S4 still stumps all over that image.

DHJen Great camera with a embedded mobile phone. It is a design fault which not too many people know about http: Unstoppable36SG How many 's do have this issue? Communication is of the essence! Zlik The video stabilization score is somehow surprising. Having used and seen what the stability of the lumia in video, I am a little perlpexed.

Tom May In the "Cons" under the video tests: Walking movements remain uncorrected by the video stabilization Over-correction of video stabilization when steadied on a tripod. DXOMark says nah!!!!! BigGuyLeo Needed 32mp to look at the picture 20 years later on my big 8k tv. Tom May How?

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I don't understand why they would do this, even in the Pro Cam app? It's very strange. Then you'd have something more functional and reasonable. You would know if you read the article first. Marcus gwise No not really i was let down bye the look of the i love my Nokia i think. Arquetipo Check the new promo for the , the samples, the satire, and the pretty darn good "digital zoom" http: CameraLabTester Microsoft just wasted money Virvatulet There is a wide spread consensus that the offered price was far too low, emphasizing Stephen Elop's questionable role in this transaction.

Savengance They did not waste money actually, they have 3 percent of the market share in the United States however that is not what they are concerned with. Stu 5 Noikasoft. Torgrims Thanks for a great review! CyberAngel Lumia didn't double the cost nor did it cut the battery life in half.

Cam Jones I've been reading all these vs. Dominick Well said! Menneisyys "Well said! Overdrive Disappointed in , I had high hopes that Nokia would improve or at least properly port 's camera into a WP platform. Gryfster The scoring methodology has completely changed. Charlie Jin 41M pixel makes my photos unusable. I never needed over 8M for my phone camera. Stevan G the point of 41MP on mobile phone is mainly in oversampling, which is sadly not present in this device Menneisyys "the point of 41MP on mobile phone is mainly in oversampling, which is sadly not present in this device It just uses a somewhat less sophisticated algorithm than the CyberAngel A complete video shootout?

Stevan G yupp there are, but their back is more prone to falling off when hitting ground. Stoli89 Actually, Nokia's hardware designs, even for those with sealed batteries, allow for maintenance access without the risk of physical deformation of materials i. Photato Good quality but slow. Still good job Nokia! Stoli89 Then you misunderstood the purpose of oversampling. Stoli89 What? Wye Photography No. Six will do for most. ET2 Funny coming from a guy who was constantly claiming "less pixels are better" Now you understand that they are not.

I guess we should just throw out all those tests then lol. Menneisyys You can easily check this by checking out the double-density ISO chart parts in the center. A crop showing this: Menneisyys flickr. Finally, low light: Menneisyys continued from above flickr. Plus 4 seconds to start the camera app, and 4 seconds shot to shot.

No thanks. Menneisyys " takes much worse pics than any compact. Lars Rehm you focus too much on resolution. Menneisyys "you focus too much on resolution. Arquetipo The only way to understand the 's 41mp is by carefully reading DP and other technical reviews, and for all explanations and image comparisons, it makes a lot of sense. FoveonPureView The only affordable for average folks alternative to the Nokia or this slightly purely image quality-wise less-performing would be the Sigma-Foveon-cameras.

CyberAngel Any day now when your Fovean learns to make phone calls, etc. Digitall No I don't need 41mp camera, I need less noise, a clean image, a better IQ with a good optical image stabilization for sure. Digital Suicide How was with camera start up times? Was it faster? Stoli89 Yes, the sports a dedicated scaling chip for the camera.

Do you need 41 megapixels? Our Nokia Lumia camera review: Digital Photography Review

Gryfster But not as long as the Lumia Menneisyys "Don't bother to buy one, chromatic aberration at the corners, doesn't get better with the O. S" Oh no, you again S Nice talking to you again! Quick question, can I stop down a Lumia ?

Menneisyys "Quick question, can I stop down a Lumia ? If there were gonna be a problem with the size of the pixel something that some of you shouting that it wouldn't then you should have tried a different sensor with bigger pixels 4. Menneisyys "Is it possible that the color smearing may be due to the type of sensor technology. United Stated? Jon Holstein panoviews That android comments sounds very fanboyitic. YiannisPP Sure thing dude, and the sun will set on the east tomorrow too.

If you say so: Jon Holstein siberstorm27 Which one is the best in low light without using flash of and has probably not been properly tested. CyberAngel "So it's not crop-stretch, its simply crop. Lars Rehm Sorry to disagree. Menneisyys "No, the whole point is really that Nokia is actually trying to pass a crappy 5 MP camera off as a 41 MP camera in order to boost sales. You may also like. Rebel in your pocket: Still solid: Fujifilm X-E2S Review.

Nokia Lumia becomes a tool in medical research. Paul Trillo and Microsoft link 50 Lumia s to create bullet effect. More about gear in this article. A look at how far we've come. Latest sample galleries. Fujifilm X-T30 pre-production sample gallery. Fujifilm XF 16mm F2. Olympus F3. Latest in-depth reviews. The best pocket printer of Latest buying guides. The best camera bargains of The best lenses for Sony mirrorless cameras. Cold rock by jr from Rock. Feb 20, 88 mobile.

Picktorial photo editor for macOS gets 4. Feb 20, Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with foldable display and six cameras. Feb 20, mobile.

Nokia's Lumia 1020 features 41 megapixel camera

Feb 20, 22 mobile. Photographer asks for help finding owners of a destroyed camera found at Zion National Park. Feb 20, lens news. Shooting with the Fujifilm X-T30, the frugal flagship. Feb 20, first impressions. Feb 20, 19 sample gallery. Tamron SP 35mm F1. LensRentals constructs a C-4 Optics 4. Feb 19, video. Feb 19, Luminar update brings improved performance and new features.

Version 3. Apple has turned 'bokeh' into a verb and taken a stance on how it's pronounced. Canon EF-M 32mm F1. Feb 19, review. EyeEm, Fotolog and other photo sites affected by security breach. Feb 18, Camera Rescue aims to save , analog cameras for future generations. Sigma cine 28mm T. Feb 18, 40 lens news.

Feb 18, camera news. The progenitors of GFX: A closer look at Fujifilm's medium format concepts. Open letter to Panasonic: Innovations in manual focus could make Lumix S a winner for cinematographers. Feb 17, Swiss lens manufacturer Irix is expanding into the Japanese market. Lens manufacturer Irix has announced it's expanding its product lineup into the Japanese market.

Feb 16, lens news.

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Feb 16, International Garden Photographer of the Year Winners. Feb 15, Kosmo Foto launches Mono black-and-white film, now available for pre-order. This website uses AI to generate portraits of people who don't actually exist. Feb 15, video. Feb 14, Xiaomi teases Mi 9 product images and camera samples. Tips or suggestions? Contact us! Mobile site. Reproduction in whole or part in any form or medium without specific written permission is prohibited. Shop now.

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