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I have uninstalled and moved apps, deleted files and folder but the internal memory always remains the same, almost full. Please help, my phone is becoming useless! Thanks Astralogic.

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Internal memory (RAM): Sony Xperia Z | T-Mobile Support

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Sony Xperia Z How to Transfer Data from Internal Storage to an SD card Tutorial - PhoneRadar

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Sony Xperia X - Check available memory. Internal Storage: This is intended for user data - photos, videos, music, documents, etc. Some apps put some user data here. SD Card: Exactly that - the removable memory card.

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Also intended for user data. Since apps are downloaded and installed in Device memory, clearing space in Internal or SD has no effect on space for apps, as you found out. To make things worse, your device only has a 2GB Device System partition.

Xperia J: Can anyone please explain the memory problems ?

This is really an outdated 'old style' partitioning scheme. The only simple, easy thing you can do is delete some apps to clear space in the Device partition. Jan 26, El Presidente and jimbofandango like this. Crashdamage, That's a very clear and helpful answer, thank you very much.

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  • I'm shocked though, that only 2Gb is available for apps - this doesn't seem like much at all - I've only downloaded a few so it doesn't seem right. Further questions: Is there a way to 'improve' the partitioning?

    Delete Document

    Is there a way to uninstall the pre-loaded apps that came with the phone? I don't use a lot of these so perhaps removing them could free up space - except the OS doesn't currently allow me to remove them. Is there a way to make the device store apps on the Internal Storage rather than the Device Memory?

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    • Many thanks in advance, Jimbo. The answer to all 3 of your questions is yes - with some caveats. You must root the phone for all 3. Rooting grants full administrator permissions to the user, rather than limited user permissions. The good is that this allows you to do basically anything to any files on the device. It allows full control of everything on the device.

      The bad is that it also means you have full permission to muck up anything on the device.

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