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Straight Talk handles all their own sales, marketing, billing and support. Straight Talk verifies that they can register your Galaxy S4 on their network. Want to learn if your phone is eligible? I have an article and short video to show you how. Not all phone are eligible. I mention that because I do get asked about that. No, to use it on the Straight Talk Verizon network it needs to be eligible as I described above. In fact Verizon sold all their Samsung Galaxy S4 phones unlocked. Yes, really it will work.

So which network should you choose? Well, that is up to you. You should choose whichever network works well in your area. Some people live in areas where only the Verizon network has decent coverage. I live in an area where both networks have great coverage so either would work for me. A few points to consider when choosing a network. They have limited the download speed on their network to 5Mbps. Whether or not you would notice the speed difference really depends on what you do on your phone.

Those network is slower than the 4G LTE network, but still pretty fast. I recommend you check it out first. It needs to me a micro SIM. Put the SIM in the phone and see if it works and what type of data connection you get. You should order this and wait until you receive it before signing up online at straighttalk. What is the model number on your phone. Hi Bob. I recently bought a Verizon s4. The Internet, messaging, and calling works.

Try measuring the speeds with speedtest and see what it says.


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And there is little that most people can do about this. Sometimes it is possible to find a dealer or a software upgrade that can be flashed on to the phone to make it support more bands. I have noticed a difference. Mainly at home and work. Download was 6. Videos are slower to load and play. Well keep an eye on your phone.

How to unlock AT&T Galaxy S4 i337 for free

You may see it eventually connect to the 4G LTE network. Sometimes it takes a while. This article is old and I need to update it. To use it with the Verizon network you need to make sure its eligible. Are you saying the phone you bought was a Straight Talk branded Galaxy S4 that uses the Verizon network? Do you currently have any active service?

If you log into your Straight Talk account does it show your service as active? Yes, you can. And I do have 4g lte on both phones. Call straight talk and talk to a rep find out if your phone is eligible to transfer, order a straight talk Sim card for a verzion phone with a network access code call straight talk and set it all up. Hi Michelle, Hmm.. Do you want to port your current number or get a new one? What is Sprint say when you contacted them? Regards Bob. I have a question I have a s4 and Im thinking of getting straight talk how would I come boutique that?

Please and thank you. Hi des I am not sure what you are asking. If you are asking about signing up for straight talk, take a look any many of the articles and comments on smartphonematters. Hi des, Why do you want to switch? Do you want to get off the TMobile network? Is your phone paid off?

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Ok, Find a friend using an Att phone. Borrow there SIM card and put it in your phone.

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If your phone is locked, contact Tmobile and ask them to unlock it. I was wondering if there is any way around this and hope there is. Please let me know! Thank you. I called straight talk. And told them I a Samsung Galaxy s4 Sprint being provider ask if I could turn in to straight talk she asked for meid and said I could flash at Walmart for straight talk so there call straight tank.

Hi Willie, I have never heard of a Walmart flashing phones. If you find a Walmart that does, please let me know where that is. If you want to see if your phone is eligible check out. I was wondering how to unlock my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 so if you could let me know how that would be awesome thanks. Hi Steve, You might want to re read the article. Your phone is probably already SIM unlocked. Verizon is required to make sure all their LTE phones are unlocked.

Put the SIM in the phone and if you can make a phone call, the phone is unlocked. Did the process work for you? Hi Kaila, If you were addressing your comment to Julia, you would need to reply to her comment and she might respond to you. Hi I just got my new Samsung unlocked Verizon s4mini switched over to the 4g straight talk.

I had to pay to have it switched over. My husband did it. But the phones will work with straight talk. Thank you bob for helping me get started on the process. Hi Kimberly, Your are welcome. I am glad the article helped. I am not sure whether Verizon gets a cut of that. It could be they charge a fee to deregister from their network. Thanks for taking the time to comment. In addition to keeping up with latest updates at smartphonematters you would be helping us launch social media efforts.

Hi I just bought a galaxy s4 mini verizon. I read some of the other concerns.

So I need to know if I can use att with straight talk on this new phone. Verizon is not very good service up in the nature coast of Florida. Please help. You definitely would not get fast 4G LTE data. You might get 3G data, or be stuck with slow 2G data. The S4 mini needs a micro SIM. I bought it from straight talk it is an lg3. It is not a very good phone. I bought it about 2 years ago. Is this phone using Android? You can put that SIM in your S4 mini and see if data works. Model number is lgl35g. I will have him doing the phone set-up. Thank you Kim. Verizon swears it is unlocked.

Currently I have a smartphone go phone that has a micro sim card. Can I just put the sim card into the S4 and will all features work, data, voice, email, etc. It has been very difficult having just limited data with a smart phone since most of people may be using it for transit plan, for anything in need of answer and so I was hoping to be able to switch it to the to go phone plan but perhaps the internet may not be as fast and may take some time to load each requested webpage i am not sure.

I have been trying to find ways to work around with the phone and found good thing with the Samsung phone is its flexibility with open app market and works with predominantly any android phone app and file sharing and file transfer. I was just glad I got the phone which was a smart phone and not a basic phone depite the fact i enjoyed every single moment with the basic flip phone just as much, the current smart phone is very stylish and very easy to operate.

Been trying to download some music and some files from online and was able to watch videos from youtube which was a wonderful and amazing feature that has become one of those daily routines of millions. With all the great feature which comes with the Samsung Galaxy S4 it defenitely should go well and work compatibily with the go phone plan given all the reasons that outstood the smart phone and out perform the basic phone, it should work nice and sweetly with the go phone plan.

Sign up Sign up Sign in. Ask a question. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. I have this setup, and like the fact that I can be reached wherever in the world I am. My only problem has been teaching my elderly aunt and little granddaughter in the US that there's a 6-hour time difference Well I have the Skype app I guess I should start playing with it.

Thanks guys, my dad has a funny habit of calling me throughout the day even when he knows I'm on trips and my mom likes me to call her anytime I land although I'm a very capable adult, guess it's just a motherly thing! I suppose I can have it added on to my plan and just use my husbands phone as our primary phone while there so we're both not eating up data sharing our adventures.. If you think you'll be traveling outside the US in the future, it would probably pay you to buy a cheap unlocked phone as I explained above.

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You might also want to look into Google Voice. It's similar to Skype. I don't know much about it, because it's only available to US Google customers. That means it would be most useful for outbound calls, since you won't always be logged on for inbound calls. Bvlenci, I don't believe Google Voice would be useful in this particular case. While you can make cheap international calls with it from the USA, it doesn't really provide for cost effective calls when you're traveling outside the USA. Thanks guys. Maybe I should've kept my old iPhone from when I upgraded and just unlocked that one.

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Hmm I have plenty of time to still find an unlocked phone. They will unlock the iphone after 2 years and the galaxy after 6 months. To get either of them unlocked sooner you need to have someone else do it. I was not told having it unlocked would void the warranty, but I guess I need to check that out myself to confirm either way because I bought the iphone and assumed I could get it unlocked.

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