Google maps api v3 android 開発

Map click / long click events

Several controls are configurable, allowing you to alter their behavior or change their appearance. View example control-options. The Maps API comes with a handful of built-in controls you can use in your maps: This control appears in the top left corner of the map. This control is not enabled by default. The Default UI Rather than specifying and setting up individual controls, you may simply wish to specify that your map exhibit the look and feel of the Google Maps interface, including any new features or controls that get added in the future.

The following code disables the default UI entirely: Map document. This style is appropriate for mobile devices. If your app is removed and you would like to have it republished, you can do one of the following in the Play Console:. Keeping our overall Android ecosystem healthy is very important, and protection of user data is vital to the long term health of all developers.

We know these changes have required significant work from you and we appreciate your efforts to create innovative experiences while protecting user's privacy. How we fought bad apps and malicious developers in 13 February Posted by Andrew Ahn, Product Manager, Google Play Google Play is committed to providing a secure and safe platform for billions of Android users on their journey discovering and experiencing the apps they love and enjoy.

An Update on Android Things 12 February Android , Android Things , Notification. Google releases source code of Santa Tracker for Android 29 January This is why you might have seen a progress bar when you first opened a game, we are actually downloading the game from Google Play before starting the game: The progress bar shown while a game is fetched from Google Play You can read more about our journey migrating over to App Bundle in a small blog series, starting with our ' Moving to Android App Bundle ' post. Gboard stickers One of the new features we added this year was a Gboard sticker pack, allowing users to share stickers to their friends.

The sticker pack being used in a very important conversation Lots of code improvements Aside from the things mentioned above, we've also completed a number of code health improvements. Go explore the code If you're interested go checkout the code and let us know what you think. Stay up to date How useful did you find this blog post? Grow your app business internationally through localization on Google Play 16 January Posted by Chris Yang, Program Manager, Translation Service It is not uncommon for developers to have the following concerns and thoughts when considering whether to localize their apps: Introducing the Google Play App Translation Service Available in the Google Play Console, the Google Play App Translation Service simplifies localization of your app user interface strings, store listing, in-app product names, and universal apps campaign ads.

Here is an overview of some of the ways it can help: Quick and easy - Order in minutes and receive your translation in as little as two days. Small translation orders can be completed in only two days.

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All orders are completed in eight days or less. Apply translations directly in the Play Console or download to build with your app. Professional and human - Get high-quality translations by real human translators. All translations are carefully crafted by professional translators just for you.

Making the World Your Own with Google Maps APIs (Google I/O '17)

Translation providers are selected by Google based on quality and speed. Pricing is upfront and simple. You only pay per word for each language you translate. Select languages to translate into. Choose what type of content you want to translate. Easily complete purchase of the service. Language recommendations You can also expand your global footprint with translation recommendations that can help increase installs. Launching the translation Once you download the translation, you'll be ready to publish your newly translated app update on Google Play.

Code samples

How useful did you find this blog post? Get your apps ready for the bit requirement 15 January Adding a bit version of your app provides performance improvements, makes way for future innovation, and sets you up for devices with bit only hardware. We want to help you get ready and know you need time to plan.


The bit requirement: All new apps and app updates that include native code are required to provide bit versions in addition to bit versions when publishing to Google Play. Google Play will continue to accept bit only updates to existing games that use Unity 5.

Starting August 1, Google Play will stop serving apps without bit versions on bit capable devices, meaning they will no longer be available in the Play Store on those devices. This will include games built with Unity 5. The requirement does not apply to: APKs or app bundles that are not distributed to devices running Android 9 Pie or later. We are not making changes to our policy on bit support. Play will continue to deliver apps to bit devices. This requirement means that apps with bit native code will need to have an additional bit version as well. Preparing for the bit requirement We anticipate that for most developers, the move to bit should be straightforward.

Many apps are written entirely in non-native code e. All developers: Here is an overview of the steps you will need to take in order to become bit compliant. For a more detailed outline of this process refer to our in-depth documentation. Inspect your APK or app bundle for native code.

You can check for. Identify whether they are built from your own code or are imported by an SDK or library that you are using.

Android Oreo (Go edition)

The callback method receives a reason for the camera motion. The reason can be one of the following:. The onCameraMove callback of the OnCameraMoveListener is invoked multiple times while the camera is moving or the user is interacting with the touch screen. As a guide to how often the callback is invoked, it's useful to know that the API invokes the callback once per frame.

Note, however, that this callback is invoked asynchronously and is therefore out of synch with what is visible on the screen. Also note that it's possible for the camera position to remain unchanged between one onCameraMove callback and the next. The OnCameraIdle callback of the OnCameraIdleListener is invoked when the camera stops moving and the user has stopped interacting with the map.

If your app explicitly calls GoogleMap. To set a listener on the map, call the relevant set-listener method. See the guide to camera position for details about these properties. By default, points of interest POIs appear on the base map along with their corresponding icons.

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POIs include parks, schools, government buildings, and more, as well as business POIs such as shops, restaurants, and hotels. You can respond to click events on a POI.


See the guide to businesses and other points of interest. You can use events to find and customize the active level of an indoor map. Use the OnIndoorStateChangeListener interface to set a listener to be called when either a new building is focused or a new level is activated in a building.

Get the building that is currently in focus by calling GoogleMap. You can then find the currently active level by calling IndoorBuilding. This is useful if you want to show custom markup for the active level, such as markers , ground overlays , tile overlays , polygons, polylines, and other shapes. To go back to street level, get the default level via IndoorBuilding. You can listen and respond to marker events, including marker click and drag events, by setting the corresponding listener on the GoogleMap object to which the marker belongs. See the guide to marker events.

google maps api v3 android 開発 Google maps api v3 android 開発
google maps api v3 android 開発 Google maps api v3 android 開発
google maps api v3 android 開発 Google maps api v3 android 開発
google maps api v3 android 開発 Google maps api v3 android 開発
google maps api v3 android 開発 Google maps api v3 android 開発

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