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If setting the date back just one day does not work, set it back to any time in SiOS will now be installed on your home screen. Go ahead and open it up and tap on Trust when prompted. After you do this, you are free to go back into your device Settings and change the date back to automatic which you should definitely do. If you change the date back before opening up SiOS, the app might not work and you'll have to reverse the date again.

Downloading ROMs you don't own is technically piracy, so make sure you own the game before doing so. In case you neglect to save, don't worry; SiOS autosaves for you periodically.

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Rotate your device horizontally to play the game with the controls farther apart which feels much more natural to use. To view the game in full screen like below, you'll have to enable it in the settings see the next step. However, it is not just jailbroken users who can have access to these features. It is possible to install modified versions of certain apps on your device without the need for a jailbreak. There are many different websites which allow users to download these apps on their devices. One that has recently appeared online is AppValley.

It is essentially a small app store for hacked games and modified applications, similar to something like TutuHelper. Your website. We are specially interested in the link placement in existing post. How much do you charge for the link placement in existing posts? I would be willing to pay you for it. Can you make an hack for Guns of Glorywith out jailbreak and on iOS? I did experience a bit of lag during my game though and the sound is a good 2 seconds off. Also I loss the last 3 seconds of video so I didnt get my scoreboard at the end.

One lil bug So I was obliges to edit it with imovie which took forever! Game is played in landscape. Recorded in landscape. Exported rotated. I need to be able to make a tutorial video clip.

But when I record, all I get is a black screen. I have turned assist ive touch on in my settings tab. Ipad 4 ISO 7. Any help? I read that others have the same " black screen" issue but I did not see any reply's. I have followed the same steps, when I tap on Start Recording and go to home screen, "Rec" appears in red banner at the top just for a fraction of second.

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When I come back to the app, I see no recording there The recording did saved but no pictures on the video there is just an audio recording. SAD -.

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Can that work on iPad 4? Please help me because I can't record any videos on my iPad. I want to record some of my replays of clan of clans. AnyFast Replies? Has anyone figured out how to fix the diagonal screen playback? I need this feature to showcase some apps in a National Webinar tomorrow! Article has been updated with a working screen recorder that doesn't do the diagonal screen playback error.

Hi Nelson, I'm trying to create screen capture videos of Adobe Color for my students - but when I play the captured movie back, the portion of the screen showing the camera is just black. I try to download it but all it says it "emu4ios cannot be downloaded at this time". I have iOS 8 on an iPod Touch 5th gen, help?

Downloaded the emu4ios and iRec 2 weeks back. Heard you have an improved version. Tried reopen emu4ios but it keeps shutting down. Deleted it and redownload. But was unable to download like previous. Please help. I'm running on iPhone 4 version 7. Doesn't record properly. After I have finished recording, I check my videos. But when I do, I can only hear the audio being recorded but cannot see the video its just black.

Running on Ipad 2 version 7. Fix this! It's not working properly. When i play the recorded video. The screen usually just go black after 20 seconds of watching it. Sound works fine, home screen works fine, I open an app and it goes to black screen on the playback. I'm running iOS 8. Hi I'm an iPhone user and my phone is iOS 7.

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My assistive touch is on, on the screen, and when I record stuffs it seems to be working fine with browsers and the sound is fine. But as I recorded a game, in the playback is black in the game app, and normal again in the home screen and the Shou app. Please help, and I also quite suffer of lags after Shou. Cause you know who would want a screen recorder and save it when u can't post it on YouTube sarcasm I saved my video but it won't upload I'm kinda pissed.

Please help me on this. Trees this I button beside the start recording button Just click it and you'll find what kind of position you want it to be recorded. There's a problem that I encountered I don't know if it's only me but the first time I use shou it works well but later on the sounds didsappear. Or just lessens. I don't know what's wrong to it. It also affects my other sounds like the music in my phone.

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Though fortunately that only happens when the app is running hope you could help me thanks. Any suggestions on installing the app for iphone6? It attempts to install and gives me an error message saying installation failed. Ive got problems installing emu4ios. It will not install even though I used the time setting trick. I can't download the store app. It just gives me an error that says "emu4ios cannot be downloaded at this time". I'm on iOS 8. Ive downlLoaded the app on my iPad mini but I DONT know hot start recording this is all iGet its says home and shows videos that are live at the bottom it has home gaMe explore and me and I don't know what to press to start recording plz help me.

When I try to record gameplay my screen is black I can still hear the sound and I have assisstve touch enabled!

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Does anyone know how to fix this problem? This is a very flaky app. As long as you keep it on your iPad or in in your camera roll the video wrorks fine. Try to export it to use it somewhere else, like to edit it in FCPX for an instructional video, and it will go black. That take it the file without error, but when you start to try editing in Camtasia for example, the video seems to freeze. You can scrub the entire length of the vido and the same frame shows. In FCPX, the clip shows up in but when you try to scrub it, the clip turns to black.

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Shou seems to be outputting in some non-standard format, I am not sure. But the produced video is worthless outside a controlled environment. Major problem with recording, it does not record games, at least the ones that when you play, you don't see the time, battery and such. Examples are bloons td 5, fortress fury, asphalt 8 and so on. Please fix this.

I am using iPhone 5 S OS 8. Can you please help me out. I'm having the same problem, maybe there's an issue on their side; a message on the developer Twitter page states. You are correct Robert.

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