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Steps to install Windows on Android

If you check through my responses to previous comments or read the article, specifically: Hi, my name is Gerhard. I have installed Android X86 4. Wifi is working as well as a Bluetooth stick. I installed it on a GB ext3 partition and have over GB internal memory. Allso the SD card slot is working. It has no touch screen, but it is not difficult to run Android with mouse and touchpad. But the graphic ship and the Open Gl version are old. That's why programs with good graphic do't work. Can I install last android 5. Tablets cpu is x64,will it work? It is full Windows 8.

When you say feasible, what are the steps to do it? I could do it dual boot or throw away windows The steps will be similar to what is explained in the article above. However different devices behave a little differently. Then look for detailed steps for your device for installing and dual booting. I do not want to use Windows at all, I really don;t need it. Can I just install Android? Is this possible for Microsoft Surface RT2? Which has an ARM processor?? Can i follow the same steps for surface 2?

Hello Dear Christian Thanks for the instruction I have a problem and need your help please I'm trying to install android 4. All I can suggest is you check detailed documentation for dual booting your particular device. As mentioned several times in the article and comments, the tutorial is a proof of concept that you can use as inspiration and guide, but for execution you should use Google to check it is possible and perhaps hit XDA-Developers.

  • How to install Windows Operating System on Android Phone or Tablet?
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  • Steps to install windows on Android phone or tablet?
  • How to install Windows Operating system on Android Phone or tablet?

Hi Chris. This is a great idea and perfect for a a teclast x80h, that I now see shipping already dual bootable. I only have windows on mine but would it be possible to install lollipop instead? Where would I find that? I'm afraid I'm not familiar with your device. I would suggest using this article as a proof of concept and then using Google to find a guide with steps specific to your hardware.

Anybody ever tried on iconia w4, will it work. Dual booting reminds me of haret. Incredibly fast, almost native performance. Unfortunately, the No. Bluestacks is rooted by default, you'll have to install greenify, nova launcher, do some tweaks, and it will run fast. As noted above, this is a general guide to prove that it can be done. For the best results, find a hguide specifically for your device. Well, I ended up getting to the boot menu without a keyboard and was able to use my touchscreen, so I had my usb flash drive plugged in.

However, I then ran into a major problem of the tablet giving me multiple errors. One was that I couldn't boot from usb from this device. Another was that it seemed not to recognize the usb device. The last one was when I clicked on the usb device option I got sent to bitlocker. Completely lost at this point. Has anyone made this work on a Toshiba Encore? Also, is there a way to do this with a SD card instead of a flash drive? Hope someone can help!

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Oh, and also hoping that Microsoft will allow these dual boot devices to happen properly without these workarounds. Does anyone tested this with an HP like this? I also tried the fast boot mode. Hey Christian, Thanks for the post. I have done every steps correctly. Does this require two partitions or Android can be installed in SSD card as well? I am not able to partition internal disk. When I try, it always says not enough memory to complete this operation. Can you please help me to sort it out? Thanks in advance. I would suggest researching the idiosyncracies of booting from USB on the Dell.

It might be that it isn't possible unlikely , that you need a DVD image, or that you have to boot from SD card. Not as yet - you'll need the Windows Phone 8. Hi Sorry i have one question i have this tablet! Hi I tried this on my acer using 4. Was able to boot into android, but couldn't boot into windows. I kept getting diagnosis error.

I could restore windows. Even tried recovery dvd with external dvd writer got error install bootable disc and press any key. Had to send tablet in possible hard drive failure. Can I install Android 4. How much space is required for Android?? Is there Play Store or would i have to side load it?? Also, I read people running into issues with WiFi and Bluetooth. Did you experience such problems?? Android shouldn't require more than a few GB to run, perhaps 5 max.

You will need to sideload google apps, however. I didn't have any problems with WiFi. Sadly I cant comment on Bluetooth and I no longer have this tablet to test. I can folow the steps up to where you need to press f12 to launch into boot menu. Is it possible to dual boot on a Nokia Lumia ? I don't know much about this stuff, but I'd love to have the Android OS on this tablet.

I haven't been able to find anything online telling me how to do it! I am not able to change the OS with Volume Keys. I have an Acer Aspire P3 Tablet. Help Needed Thanks for the post. I was a little hasty and ended up only allocating mb to the android partition. Do you have a way of increasing this? There are 20 odd partitions on my w after this install and using a 3rd party partition tool I cannot identify which one is for android. I stuck at the point, where I' am supposed to hold the power- and home button after the first setup in the bios.

Install & Run Windows 10/7/Vista/XP on any Android device without Root - make Android computer

It doesn't restart right away. It just shuts down. You'll need to search further afield - I'm afraid the process differs from one device to another. In Snapseed, there is no way to direct the app to a specific image file location, so I get a message stating no image can be found. If I drag and drop, I'm told the image is loading - interminably. The Fuji app can't find the camera. Fortunately, I have both these Pps on my iPhone, but I would seriously like the on a larger screen without buying an iPad!

I've tried Bluestacks on both my Surface Pro and desktop with no success on either. Yup Snapseed makes my images black when I add some filter and when I try to turn it it just freezes. I am stuck with this problem. I have a tablet running on windows 8. I tried to install android os as instructed but when I chose EFL USB to boot with, the error message pops up saying "the selected device failed. Press to Continue. I have no legacy booting option, only UEFI. I have the same problom.

When the machine is running android, does it still go into sleep mode then and lose its internet connection as it does in Win 8? Or is it able to maintain an active connection when the screen's off as most Android devices do so that it can receive background notifications, update apps, etc.? I haven't had Win 8 lose Internet connection so I couldn't give you a definite answer on that, I'm afraid.

I installed Bluestacks on my Acer Iconia W and am very happy with it. Performance is fine and it can go full screen or windowed. So I can toggle between regular Win 8. It was easy to install, just download and install like anything else and it puts an icon in the taskbar notification area, click it and voila Android!

The steps may differ, however. It might be worth looking for some detailed steps on a dedicated forum. Acer prevent doing your iconia w3 not work. Well i have to say that the best option to use android on windows 8 tablet is not by dual booting or by Bluestacks, the solution is by using a virtual box of android x86 this is easier and safer than dual booting and also has great performance far better than Bluestacks especially when you enable the multi-touch tablet option available in the latest release of Oracle VM.

Bluestacks has bad performance and I don't see the sense of dual boot: I want to communicate with Android from windows. My solution: Question--very interested in Dual Boot option.. Looking at the new Dell Venue 8. Not sure about this, chandrakant, but I'd be surprised if it cannot. Probably a trip to XDA-developers. Can you show a video running android on win 8. Also does the Sensors like GPS etc work on android?

I can't give you a video from my own tablet, Ak, but here's one of a Surface Pro: Of course, by doing this--disabling Secure Boot--you are increasing your exposure to some of the worst types of malicious software. Just don't blame it on Windows when that happens. From the stand point where you're using Android rather then Windows in this device, such a thing would never happen. Am I correct in thinking that once everything is installed and settled down, that you an re-enable it and add the Android.

This was A very interesting article. I never knew that this could be done with a Windows computer. Because Bluestacks is a heavy application to run, first of all, and therefore slower. Dual booting, though inconvenient, makes this just as fast as if it were an Android tablet since all the systems resources are devoted to running the Android OS.

Believe me, I tried it for as long as I could stomach it, but the lags and the inability to go fullscreen really put me off. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Bluestacks will not run on an RT tablet, as Bluestacks is intended for Intel processors. Perhaps you could link to a solution? From the instructions above: Try opening recent releases Boot, cache, fastboot, fastboot-usb, recovery, and system which do we select in Win32DiskImager?

How to Install Windows 8 on an Android Tablet - wikiHow

System would be the best place to start. Please note that this guide is two years out of date, written for old hardware and old software. Will it work on the lenovo yoga tablet 2 8 inches? Can I install i on Iconia Tab 8 W? Please tell me too i am with the same issue.

Can anybody help me with installing this on window RT??? All help is appreciated. Hi, Any way to make android the default OS? Possible hidden secure partition on your USB drive? This goes for Android KitKat, android lollipop, and even the latest Android marshmallow.

Here’s how to install Windows on Android tablets

Read Also: First and foremost, prior to having the need to run the Windows on Android phone, the following should be taken into consideration. Must Read: The below is the chronological illustrations of how one would download and run windows on the Android phone. If this method seems too complicated for you, and you really want to experience the Windows interface, you can get a windows phone or install a windows phone emulator on your computer.

Guarantor loans can help you out if you are working on a low budget. There is an option for reverting to your original version of Android if you feel it uncomfortable using windows. I like it ,but what about jelly bean version , can i install window in jellybean version 4.

Thank you. Hi, Bro.

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Can I release back to android system.? You can search for the software on 4shared or alternatively use the New method, link in the article. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

turn android tablet into windows 8 Turn android tablet into windows 8
turn android tablet into windows 8 Turn android tablet into windows 8
turn android tablet into windows 8 Turn android tablet into windows 8
turn android tablet into windows 8 Turn android tablet into windows 8
turn android tablet into windows 8 Turn android tablet into windows 8

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