Iphone 4s ios 6 multitasking

This is my first iPhone, I am not familiar with how to use it. The user manual says multitasking is achieved by double tapping the home button. When I double tap it, the opened app is "lowered" a little and about a third of the screen, from the top, becomes black. From when I understand, the current app and other opened apps should appear in that black area. But they don't. Am I doing something wrong? Double click the home button.

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Double tapping without clicking will do as you have observed. The behavior of the double tap is to allow for easy reach of the top of the interface when using one hand. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is my multitasking broken or am I doing something wrong? Ask Question.

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Also, by clicking the home button, I only suspend the app, not close it completely, right? Unfortunately, anyone with an iPhone 5 or later will notice black bars at the top and bottom of these apps—and they'll look even worse on Plus size screens. These apps are also bit apps that haven't been updated to support the bit architecture on iPhone 5 s and newer models.


iPhone 6 multitasking not working

Apple plans on dropping support for bit apps when iOS 11 comes out , so these apps won't do you much good unless you have an iPhone 5 or lower, which will not even be getting an iOS 11 update. So if you have a newer iPhone that will be getting iOS 11, there are three decent solutions you can pick up today, all of which are basically web browsers that give you two browsing windows. Not quite the Split View mode you were looking for, but good enough to help you multitask efficiently when you need it. CoSurf is a free split-screen web browser for iOS 8.

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With the iPhone flat on the table, two people can use it to browse the internet — across from each other — without intruding each other's space. It's an incredibly simple app you can't do much more than surf and save your history , but it's remarkably intuitive. The app is quick, even with two people using it at once. If you pick the phone up, the app switches to single use, turning into a full-screen browsing experience.

Put the phone back on the table, and it switches to split-screen mode. Unfortunately, the app has some limitations; The user on the bottom half of the phone has more responsibility. Whenever one of the users needs to type, the keyboard only shows up on the bottom half of the phone, as it normally would, meaning the user on the bottom half has to do all the typing.

This, presumably, would cause the bottom half user to become very annoyed that he or she has to type everything. That, or they might elect to not type anything the top-half user wants, so choose your CoSurf partners wisely. CoSurf has an interesting take on Split View mode, but it isn't for people looking to get serious work done. It's a fun, unique app that allows two people to use an iPhone at once and — for the most part — it works.

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This split-screen app also offers plugins which give the experience more customization and depth. For example, one plugin is designed to combine your social media apps into one of the two windows, allowing you to swipe through those apps while another browser window remains open on the top of the display.

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  • Some of the extra features aren't quite as intuitive as just using basic split-screen mode, so it takes some playing around with, but this app definitely has a lot of options to choose from. There are also a lot of the standard web browsing features included as options, like private browsing, parental controls, and more. The biggest issues with this app for me are not being able to pinch-to-zoom, and that the settings bar can sometimes stick around when you don't want it to.

    Still, these issues can be overlooked depending on how you're using your iPhone for split-screen multitasking. Just like the previous app, Split for iOS 6 or higher is a web browser that lets you split your browsing experience into two screens. While it doesn't have all of the bells and whistles that Split Screen Multitasking View has, it does have one obvious advantage — you can have more than just two panes.

    The app also can be used in landscape mode, which works well, if not better than portrait mode. It just feels easier browsing two webpages simultaneously when they are side by side like this, and Split handles the job smoothly. On the surface, Split appears to be lacking many features you'd normally want in a browser.

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    For example, you can't check your history however you can make bookmarks. If you dive into the settings app, however, Split does offer a fair amount of customization. You can turn on private browsing, although there isn't a way to see your history in the first place. You can remove the loading bar when opening a webpage, and you can prioritize full-screen mode and desktop websites.

    Without a doubt, the most notable change you can make is in the number of windows you can have open at once. Not two, not four, but twelve pages can be open simultaneously through Split. It's completely functionless, and you will not be able to browse in this mode, but you can do it just to say you did it.

    This customization means you can change the way you have your windows oriented.

    iphone 4s ios 6 multitasking Iphone 4s ios 6 multitasking
    iphone 4s ios 6 multitasking Iphone 4s ios 6 multitasking
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    iphone 4s ios 6 multitasking Iphone 4s ios 6 multitasking

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